Welcome to Future Center by Mark M. Whelan

We live in a V.U.C.A world. V.U.C.A is an acronym, coined by the military and now used widely in the private and public sectors. It stands for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The feeling of VUCA results from our sense that things are moving faster, things seem more complex that problems we face are more “wicked” (a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements). All of this is the result of the fact that there are more interconnections, whether you’re researching the vaccine or a cryptocurrency, managing a project at work, or simply trying to understand what lies beneath the nightly news. Interconnections make everything, both personal and professional more VUCA. So why does Future Center matter? Because while the world is more VUCA, the way we think about the world hasn’t caught up yet. The way we tend to think, is a technical term, I like to call, LAMO: linear, anthropocentric, mechanistic, and ordered. Here’s the problem. The world is nonlinear, and it includes feedback and webs of the interconnectedness of causality. Yet, we think in simplistic linear and causal ways. We are not the center of our world, and our world is not the center of universe. Yet we look at things through our human centered lens. The world is adaptive and organic. Yet we think it works like a machine. The world is networked and complex with a sprinkling of randomness, yet we think of things in ordered static categories and hierarchies. Our thinking is biased in ways that don’t match up with the way the world actually works, we project this bias onto the world, and often ignore the important feedback the world’s giving us, leading to results that we do not like. The crux of Future Center is to learn new ways of thinking, beliefs and attitudes that are in alignment with the emerging world and yield better insights, better innovations, and better results.

Join us, to learn how to use these powerful ideas to be more effective, personally and professionally.

I offer a free service which offers insights.

For my paid newsletter which goes out as an alert service to investors, entrepreneurs, and policy makers. All reports are succinct and easy to read, while packed with investments charts, along side my interpretation and commentary. You will get:

  • Predictive insights in emerging markets and technologies

  • Eyeballs on the current macro structures of the market to answer the most important question of the future; “Is this emerging market/technology going to redefine the future?”

  • Ability to engage, ask questions and access to ongoing new research

How often will this newsletter go out?

It’s based on changes in important emerging markets and technologies, this happens every 4-6 weeks. You can expect a minimum cadence of one letter every 2-3 weeks even if it’s a short form update confirming not much has changed.

How reliable are the forecasts?

Historically they have been 95% accurate. There’s no promise this level of accuracy can be maintained as emerging technologies and markets are constantly changing. The global markets are also becoming more sophisticated.

Do I offer price targets?

Absolutely not. With data and the ability to hold multiple positions we can derive demand and supply dynamics between investors, entrepreneurs, and policy makers, with that information it’s possible to predict changes in growth; however, not necessarily price direction, it cannot determine how high or low the price may go thereafter. We can also estimate the timing of growth movements that can be used to determine organic valuations investors may be willing to support.

Are these trade signals?

Future Center provides you with institutional quality intelligence, data and analysis, how you trade or invest this analysis is up to you.

Can I chat to Mark M. Whelan?

Future Center provides very selective consultation services. Nevertheless, for a limited time subscribers can leave questions and comments which are usually answered, in future this will be only available to higher tier customers, however there will always be channels for engagement through AMA events for paid customers.

About Me

My emerging markets and technologies career started in 2007 as a technologist researching emerging technologies investments with a data-centric and multi-disciplinary approach. Since that time I've helped Rothschild, UK Government, Stanford University, and have advised VC and hedge funds as part of that journey.

Why I write this?

As the current wave of smart money enters the emerging trends and markets, powered by proprietary research, I have made it my endeavour to make similar grade research easily available to the public. As a premium member you are supporting this work. This is an economic and technological revolution.

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